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Anson Mak – Going Home (Or Not)

An academic audio work from the award winning phonograph artist Anson Mak (ex-AMK). In this new CD, she brings to us not only result of her long time research on the endangered sound and community of Kwun Tong (a district soon to be destroyed by the Hong Kong government’s urban renewal program), but also a very personal story. Almost like a mini research. Only difference is that, this one is filled with personal significance.

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01. 前倒後數裕民坊
Count, Down to Yue Man Square (13:41)

02. 在裕民坊行街
A Walk In Yue Man Square (3:02)

03. 月華街公園
Yuet Wah Street Park (5:58)

04. 察覺經驗2 - 官塘市中心路旁
Realization 2 – At the Side of the Road of Kwun Tong Town Centre (1:33)

05. 潮州音樂 Remix
Chiu Chow Music Remix (4:15)

06. 火裡火裡去,哪裡哪裡去 - 官塘盂蘭節
Burning, Coming and Going – Kwun Tong Ghost Festival (6:48)

07. 天光墟
Dawn Market (13:59)

08. 月華說
Yuet Wah Says (3:27)