Alfred 23 Harth – As Yves Drew A Line. Estate

Multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and visual artist Alfred Harth was born near Frankfurt/Main in Germany. He first recorded at age twenty with the free music ensemble Just Music which was issued on ECM (1002). In the late ’70s, he became interested in punk music and in addition to a regularly-working duo with multi-instrumentalist Heiner Goebbels, he played in punkjazz / improvisation / modern composition combos like Cassiber, Duck and Cover, Gestalt et Jive, Vladimir Estragon and Imperial Hoot. Since 2001 living and working also in Seoul, South Korea, he has been involved with Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Ensembles, composer Carl Stone, the groups 7k Oaks and Taste Tribes, his own multi-media and many more projects.

“As Yves Drew A Line. Estate” is the latest solo work from Alfred 23 Harth displaying his unique treatment on improvised jazz, noise, experimental sounds with cut-up technique. Real avant-garde music that tastes good while stays true to its challenging nature.

Filed under: Jazz, Improvisation, Noise, Experimental


01. Universal City. Steps

02. Front. Entrance B

03. Point D’Accrochage

04. Couloir. Not a Caravan of Despair

05. Terrace. Stirling Rumors

06. Cityone. Shanti

07. De Re. Aedificatoria.

08. 7even Lighting. Ingenuity Bar

09. Book Seven. Ornament

10. Top Floor Icosahedron. Open Delay

11. Leather Chair. Fuxing Road Window

12. Leisure. Moonsun Tradition

13. Family Management. Slurred

14. Fake Sleep. Bronze Seven

15. Silent Fluid. Warm Floor Garden

16. Vernacular. Elements Non-standard

17. He Drinks. A

18. Solar Panel Scratch. Volatile

19. Missing Deoksugung. Bat

20. Golden Mean. Unswerving

21. Vestibule. Next Line