Yan Jun · Wong Chung-fai – M

M is a special improvisation project initiated by Yan Jun and Wong Chung-fai (aka Sin:Ned). The first performance of M was presented in Shenzhen (Neo Sound, 2009). In the same year, another performance was presented in Beijing (Waterland Kwanyin, 2009), with Yan Jun and Wong Chung-fai improvising on Harmonic Field. It is a unique instrument designed and handmade by American sound art device artists, Arius Blaze and Ben Houston of Folktek. No keyboard. No strings. Only forty-eight metal contact points. The performer is required to use his/her body as part of the circuitry to generate sounds.

Limtied edition of 60, packaged in a fold out 40 x 27cm double-side poster.

Filed under: Improvisation, Noise, Feedback, Circuit Bending




01. ~^ (20:02)

02. ∴∵ (33:03)