KWC – Music For Introverts

This is the first full length solo album by KWC, one half of the Hong Kong electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse. “Music For Introverts” is an in-depth extension of his interest in microsound and minimalism. Focusing on sound on the purest level, KWC treated field recording materials (taken during a trip in Beijing) as residues of interaction between one’s emotion and physical environment. An attempt is made to trace the hidden aspects of these sonic materials. The process is like magnifying a picture a thousand times to reveal the unique characteristics of each and every pixel. The microsound treatment on these tiny fragments becomes a metaphor to our memory system that never collects and represents our reality in an untreated, objective way. It is also an external projection of introspection and introversion, where a retrospective sonic journey, becomes an introspective study on one’s own inner self.

Filed under: Electronica, Field Recordings, Soundscape


01. Onset (6:08)

02. Intro(version) (4:25)

03. Proverbes No.2 (2:36)

04. Night (5:22)

05. Dongdaqiao (0:46)

06. Harp (8:35)

07. Transit (1:45)

08. Proverbes No.1 (2:26)

09. 20Hz (6:26)

10. Notions (5:14)

11. Blank (3:21)

12. Decay (1:44)