No One Pulse

An experimental electro-acoustic duo formed by Wong Chung-fai (Sin:Ned) and Chau Kin-wai (KWC) from Hong Kong. Their collaboration first started in 2003 for the audio/visual internet project “60 seconds” and participated in the multi-media live event “Media Jam” for Hong Kong Sound & Vision Festival in 2003.

The two formed as No One Pulse in 2006, exploring the concept of free improvisation and the world of free-from electronics that embraces randomness, chaotic structure, and microsound methodology by means of non-musical instrument and devices.


E (RE-CD-001R)
01: P
02. L
03: C
04: A
Released by Re-Records

LINGK (Locd44r)
01: Room 337 (The Towel)
02. Kapok
03: Room 337 (The Mattress)
Released by Lona Records

Room 337 (The Towel)
01: The Towel
Self release from

Pathic (ls018)
01: #1 (10:10)
02: #3 (10:13)
Released by Little Sound

Tele (Locd25r)
01: #2 (10:00)
02: #4 (10:00)
Cover photo by James Greenfield
Released by Lona Records

Various Artists – Red (Lona Records, 2009)

Selected Shows

04/2010: Playing Classical @ Neo Sound #8 (Liancha Shop, Shenzhen)
03/2010: Rebuilding Haiti (Sigma Space, Hong Kong)
01/2010: Sound in the Park Round 4 (Kowloon Park, Hong Kong)

12/2009: 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong)
08/2009: Waterland Kwunyin 160: INTER-FACE (2 Kolegas Bar, Beijing)
04/2009: Red (Phonograph, Hong Kong)

07/2008: The Last Night: A SZ-HK Experimental Performance (c:union, Shenzhen)
02/2008: Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture – G-Imgineering along Desire Lines: Central Subconsciousness (Central Police Station Compound, Hong Kong)

12/2007: Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture – Sonic Architecture (OCT Lofts, Shenzhen)
08/2007: The Diplomat Project: Ritual for the Ghosts (Para/Site, Hong Kong)
06/2007: Get It Louder – Moving Soundscape & Home Show (Guangzhou)
03/2007: We Play Neo Sound! (OCT Lofts, Shenzhen)
03/2007: Listen Up: When the Plug is On (LOG-ON, Hong Kong)
01/2007: Take Off the Headphone and Turn to 10 (Videotage, Hong Kong)