Noise To Signal 0.25

8:30pm, 17 August, 2014

Unii (JP)
Alok (HK)
Ariel (HK)

Admission: Pay What You Want

Jointly Presented by Re-Records & Twenty Alpha
Venue Sponsored by HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity

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+852 2139 5230 / info@twentyalpha.org


Unii (JP)

Unii is a Japanese singer, songwriter and composer (ambient/avant-pop/electronic). She was born in Sapporo city – northern island in Japan. She has performed in Europe, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea and more countries. Her sensitive voice and soundscape induces a dream-like state. Her music is beyond this world and touches on people. Her 1st LP “new world, sea and your eyes” was released by elegantdisc Japan in 2011. In the album, she makes all tracks, mixing and recording by laptop herself. Now she is making new songs focusing on ambient/minimal style. It will be released in 2014 summer.

Alok (HK)

Alok, a sound artist, musician and DJ from Hong Kong. In 2002, he set up his own record label Lona Records, and started working as a producer and sound engineer. From the end of 2002 to 2012, he released over 10 albums and E.P.. He has curated and participated in more than 200 shows and experimental events / projects in Hong Kong, Portugal, Macau and China such as AGF Live in HK (2005), Get It Louder (2007), HK & GZ Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (2008)(2010), Architecture is Art Festival (2009), Peaches live in Macau (2010), Clockenflap (2012). In addition, He also gets involved in music production such as Puffy (Japan), Jeffrey Butzer (US), FM3 (China)…, soundtrack and sound design .In 2013 he formed the new Bass/Trap/Juke group “Gravity Alterstra” with Shelf-Index and currently being a member of the DJ crew “Sync Sing Sin”.

Ariel (HK)

Ariel is an independent electronic music producer currently based in Hong Kong. He played guitar in a couple of bands throughout his youth, but quickly developed a love for hip-hop and DJ-ing in college. Ariel started performing his own material in the summer of 2013 mainly at art show openings and more recently at the Clockenflap music and arts festival. His music draws influence from hip-hop, rock and various genres of electronic music. Ariel is currently finishing up a MFA in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media.


Re-Records is a record label initiated by experimental / electro-acoustic duo No One Pulse from Hong Kong. With Re, we don’t solely aim to be an outlet for releasing self-initiated or other affiliated projects, but also for artists and releases we deem interesting.

Noise to Signal is a performance series for improvised noise and experimental music within the context of performing art.

Artists who had performed in our concert series:
… (CH), iii (HK), 23N! (JP), After Doom (HK), ahshun aka bjornho (HK), Alexei Borisov (RU), Alfred 23 Harth (DE), Alok (HK), ASTMA (RU), Black Zenith (SG), Brian O’Reilly (SG), Caligine (IT), Christiaan Virant (FM3), Circuitrip (SG), Claudio Rocchetti (IT), Composers Union of New Tunes (HK), Da Xiao (CN), Dickson Dee (HK), dj sniff (NL), DJ Urine (FR), Diode (HK), e:ch (MO), Everdark (HK), Fiona Lee (JK), Fritz Welch (UK), Fumiko Ikeda (JP), Go Koyashiki (JP), Gregory Buttner (DE), Heroses (HK), High Wolf (FR), James Fei (US), Joao Vasco Paiva (HK), Jun-Y CIAO (CN), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (JP), Kevin Pang (HK), Klaus Janek (IT), KLC_NIR (CN), KWC (HK), Laurent Valdès (CH), Li YangYang (CN), Li Zenghui (CN), Lin Zhiying (CN), Margie Tong (HK), Mei ZhiYong (CN), Meta Fog (HK), Naturalismo (IT), Nerve (HK), No One Pulse (HK), Oetzi.P (HK), Olaf Hochherz (DE), Olga Nosova (RU), Patrick Donze (CH), Purple Pilgrims (NZ), Ricardo da Silva (CH), Richard Francis (NZ), Shelf-Index (HK), Sherman (HK), shotahirama (JP), Sin:Ned (HK), Syndrome WPW (CH), Taishi Kamiya (JP), Tetragrammaton (JP), The Invisible Frog and Time Machine aka Ronez (CN), Toshikazu Goto (JP), ::vtol:: (RU), Wilmer Ongsitco Chan (HK), Wilson Tsang (HK), Yan Jun (CN), Yang Xiu (CN), Yellow Crystal (HK), Yukitomo Hamasaki (JP), Zbigniew Karkowski (PL), ZenLu (CN), ZHANG You-Sheng (TW)…

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