On: On Location, an attempt to focus on field recordings and other site specific recordings.

Yan Jun – Lamma Island Diary

The first release of our On Location series. From one of the most influential Chinese sound artists of our time. A new master piece that for sure will redefine site-specific and field recordings oriented sound works. This sound diary was recorded in Lamma Island, by Beijing sound artist, Yan Jun, during his stay in Hong Kong for the AROUND sound festival in 2009. The imaginative approach of Yan Jun simply opens up a whole new world for field recordings. From now on, field recordings will never be the same.

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01. 有点冷,和楊阳上島去
A bit chilly, on the way to the Island with Yeung Yang

02. 獨自夜行,被蜘蛛網吓了一大跳
Night walk alone, scared by a spider web

03. 你好,狂犬不在家
Hello, the mad dog is not home

04. 在岸邊練声,海风吹破了話筒
Voice practicing at the shore, microphone strongly hit by sea breeze

05. 和李杰野餐,瓜子皮从天而降
Picnic with Lee Kit, shell of melon seed falling down from the sky

06. 綠南丫:海岸植物
Green Lamma: Seaside Vegetation

07. 螞蟻不喜歡蜜,螞蟻喜歡什么?
Ants don’t like honey, what do they like?

08. 总算到家了,它从梦中醒來
Finally home, it woke up from dream

09. 外国人住在榕樹灣,香港人來参觀他們
Foreigner lives in Yung Shue Wan, Hong Kong locals come to see them

10. 綠南丫:薇甘菊
Green Lamma: Mile-a-minute Weed

11. 飞機在天上,蚊子在洞里
Airplane in the sky, mosquito in the hole

12. 用高頻赶蚊子,被咬了两个包
Fighting mosquito with high frequency, got two mosquito bites

13. 入瓮,出瓮,晒太阳
Enter the urn, exit the urn, sun tan

14. 綠南丫:花崗岩向涂鴉 say no
Green Lamma: Granite says no to Graffiti

15. 帶着蜘蛛俠回來,昭男和Jason在喝茶
Coming back with Spiderman, Akio and Jason having tea

16. 最后一夜,雨滴打在窗外的铁皮上
The last night, rain drops falling on the window