e:ch – The State Of ____

e:ch is a solo noise project of Eric Chan, the guitarist/vocalist of the experimental rock group Forget the G from Macao. He is also the founder of Day’s Eye Records who co-organizes (with Pin-To-Musica) the only noise/experimental concert series Noise-on-Site in Macao.

In this debut co-release with Re-Records, e:ch created an overwhelming and immersive noise/drone sound space of solo guitar improvisation, that goes deep inside and far beyond. The result is a sonic meditation that is full of delicate details of noise fragments and powerful sparkles.

Filed under: Noise, Improvisation, Experimental


01. Flux

02. Navigating

03. By Oneself

04. In A Maternal Vacuum

05. Into Oblivion

06. Together We Part

07. In the Name Of Sound

08. Muses

09. On The Verge